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Liros load distribution rope, recovery rope, tree anchor 5m, 12 t BL - custom-made

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Liros load distribution rope, recovery rope, tree anchor 5m, 12 t BL - custom-made

Fig. without protective tube, as unfortunately no other photo is currently available

For use as a construction anchor, winch rope extension, load distribution rope, recovery and tow rope.

With Liros protective hose length 3 m to avoid abrasion/wear when used as a construction anchor or tow rope on asphalt


  • Length: 5m
  • Rope diameter: 12mm
  • Color: gray, with black protective tubes in the eyes and on approx. 3 m length of the rope
  • Working load: 7.2 t
  • Breaking load: 12 t
  • Working stretch < 1%
  • Very high breaking load with the smallest diameter and lowest weight
  • Water repellent
  • Liros heat stretch system
  • quiet and easy handling
  • minimized risk of injury through use of 100% textile fiber
  • no metal parts that could scratch the paint
  • Material: Dyneema
  • Weight: 0.8kg

My opinion

I have been enthusiastic about the Liros mountain ropes for years! Very good quality and very versatile. With the exception of tree straps, I retired all recovery straps years ago. A Dyneema rope only takes up about 1/3 of the space and 1/4 of the weight of a comparable recovery harness.

I ordered the 5 m length with protective hose in order to have a lighter, more flexible alternative for use as a construction anchor and for load distribution and to be able to replace all the straps.

Except for recovery/towing in 5 m length it can be used:

  • as a construction anchor
  • for load distribution on two lifting eyes
  • for lateral securing in case of danger of slipping/tipping over
  • to build an anchor point for winching
  • as a winch rope extension
  • Towing in the area of ​​the StVO (an additional red flag or similar is required in the middle, we tie a high-visibility vest in the middle)

Another advantage: it doesn't soak up water and mud like the straps, but rather floats.



Tree strap

A tree strap - also known as a tree anchor strap - is commonly used to attach a winch rope to a tree. To do this, the strap is placed around the tree and the two loops are hooked into the winch rope. Of course, the tree anchor strap can also be used as a recovery strap for towing or pulling free. The name tree anchor strap, or tree trunk protector, simply comes from the length of the strap and its usual purpose. Under no circumstances should you place the rope of a winch directly around the tree and hook it into itself with the hook. A steel cable would cut into the tree and on the hook the cable would be bent and damaged. With plastic rope, the fibers could be damaged by rubbing against the bark. Responsible off-roaders therefore use a tree anchor strap for safe rescue. Tree straps can also be used to distribute the load across two recovery eyes (draw triangle). However, if possible, use a strap that is at least 3 m long or longer, as lateral tension reduces the breaking load of the recovery eyelets. We also use a 5 m belt for towing in traffic regulations. However, there is a red flag or something similar in the middle. necessary, we tie a safety vest on it. ;)