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ARB tree strap 3 m, 12 t BL

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ARB730 3m 12t BL

Anchor strap that is placed around a tree, rock or other anchor point to attach a winch hook or a pulley for the winch rope.

Technical data

Breaking load (BL): 12 t

Unfortunately, no information about ARB's workload

Width: 70mm

Length 3 m

Color: light green

Weight: 1.8kg

My opinion

Good quality, but like almost all ARB products, far too expensive in my opinion.

Tree strap

A tree strap - also known as a tree anchor strap - is commonly used to attach a winch rope to a tree. To do this, the strap is placed around the tree and the two loops are hooked into the winch rope. Of course, the tree anchor strap can also be used as a recovery strap for towing or pulling free. The name tree anchor strap, or tree trunk protector, simply comes from the length of the strap and its usual purpose. Under no circumstances should you place the rope of a winch directly around the tree and hook it into itself with the hook. A steel cable would cut into the tree and on the hook the cable would be bent and damaged. With plastic rope, the fibers could be damaged by rubbing against the bark. Responsible off-roaders therefore use a tree anchor strap for safe rescue. Tree straps can also be used to distribute the load across two recovery eyes (draw triangle). However, if possible, use a strap that is 5 m long or longer, as lateral tension reduces the breaking load of the recovery eyelets. We also use a 5 m belt for towing in traffic regulations. However, then there is a red flag or something similar. necessary. We tie a safety vest on it. ;)