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ARB recovery belt kinetic 9 m, 15 t BL

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ARB715 Snatch Strap 9m, 15t BL

Belt with 20% stretch for vehicle recovery with kinetic energy.

Please note our danger and safety instructions for kinetic rescue!

Technical data

Breaking load (BL): 15 t

Unfortunately, no information about ARB's workload

Width: 110mm

Length: 9 m

Color: orange

Weight: 4kg

20% stretch

My opinion

For kinetic rescue, I personally prefer to use kinetic ropes with 30% stretch.
Only use soft shackles with BL larger than 15 t for fastening.

Only suitable for vehicles up to a maximum of 4.5 t.
Like almost all ARB products, far too expensive in my opinion.

Kinetic recovery belt/Kinetic recovery rope

If a vehicle has gotten stuck in mud, deep mud, a water hole, snow or sand, then a kinetic recovery rope, known as a snatch strap, is usually the easiest and fastest recovery solution if there is a second vehicle and it is on a grippy surface underground stands. You will be surprised at how easy it is to recover a vehicle that appears to be completely stuck. Even if rescue using a winch is not successful because the winching vehicle moves instead of the vehicle to be rescued due to a lack of stable grip, a kinetic recovery belt or a kinetic rope is usually the solution. Without elasticity, there is an enormous point load at the recovery points and the risk of damage is very high. However, the anchor points on the vehicle must also be able to withstand the stress of a kinetic rescue - see warning. The use of soft shackles is ideal for rescue with kinetic ropes or belts. If there are no attachment points suitable for soft shackles (no sharp edges) on the vehicles and the breaking loads of the recovery material used, including the anchor points, do not match the respective vehicle weight, we strongly advise against recovery with kinetic ropes or belts for safety reasons!