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ARB EZ Tire Deflator - quick tire pressure release

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ARB600 quick tire pressure releaser

The EZ Deflator's unique, patented design allows the valve core to be removed for rapid tire deflation while providing accurate pressure measurement via the simple movement of a slide valve. The high quality brass gauge ensures that accuracy is not affected by fluctuations in temperature, humidity or altitude.


  • Brass/stainless steel corrosion-resistant

  • Protective rubber

  • Display 0 to 4 BAR

  • Display 0 to 60 PSI

  • Weight: 320g

  • with bag (previously orange, now black/blue)

My opinion

There are now a lot of replicas from other manufacturers, but in this case nothing beats the original. That's why, for once, I'm not complaining about the actually high ARB prices and I don't want to do without it anymore.
Just checking the tire pressure every now and then is a bit too much work for me. That's why I also always have a simple tester with me.


First, the brass attachment is screwed onto the valve (clockwise) and then the valve insert with the pin in the middle is screwed out (counterclockwise) - the valve insert remains in the tester and cannot be lost. The desired tire pressure is now set using a slide valve. This is very precise because the tire pressure can be read on the pressure gauge. Then screw the valve insert back in and unscrew the brass attachment, done!

When using balancing beads, make sure that the tire valve is at the top for deflation!