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ARB Speedy Seal Series II - tire repair kit

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ARB Speedy Seal II Puncture Repair Kit

Compact, highly visible box containing all the components needed to repair a puncture in the tread of a tubeless tire.


  • lubricant
  • reamer
  • Paste tool
  • Valve accessories (valve core tools, replacement valves, valve caps)
  • 30 self-vulcanizing repair cords
  • Allen key
  • blade
  • Air pressure tester
  • Tongs
  • Dimensions: 31cm x 21cm x 6cm
  • Weight: 1.4kg

My opinion

Very good quality, but I still recommend the set from Bushranger, as it is of the same quality and cheaper. Note: With Bushranger, however, there are 20 fewer cords instead of 30.