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ARB TRED Pro sandboards (1 pair) black, orange knobs

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ARB TRED Pro sand boards - test winner 4x4action - issue 5-2020

TRED Pro and ARB TRED Pro are identical - they only differ in the colors and the price...
Sand boards for self-recovery of the vehicle if there is no winch, no anchor point for the winch or no second vehicle. Can be used in sand, mud, snow. If you're traveling off-road with just one vehicle, high-quality sandboards are mandatory equipment in my opinion.


  • up to 4.5 t
  • Exotred - patented 2K material
  • - 15°C to 70°C
  • 4.1kg/piece
  • 116x33x6.5cm
  • 2 stacked approx. 8.5 cm

My opinion

I can confirm the result of the 4x4action test. 25 different sand boards were tested: plastic, GRP, aluminum,...
We have had the TRED Pro with us for years. Almost no abrasion, 3t vehicle leaves no damage even when used as a ramp, no UV damage even though it has been permanently on the roof for several years. The big advantage of the TRED Pro and ARB TRED Pro is that, unlike most other plastic boards, they can also be used in sub-zero temperatures without the plastic becoming brittle and breaking.

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