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Recovery strap 2 m, 9 t BL, Nakat.

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Nakatanenga recovery strap 2m, up to 9t BL

The 77 mm wide polyamide belts have a breaking strength of up to 9 tons and lengths of 2, 8 and 15 meters. The short strap also serves as a tree anchor and with lengths of 8 and 15 m you can also help with rescues in the most difficult terrain. Sewn polyester jackets protect the particularly stressed eyes at the belt ends from abrasion and heat.

The item images sometimes show all three lengths. The above sales price applies to a 2 m belt.


  • Length: 2m
  • Breaking load: up to 9 t
  • Stretch 10%
  • Width: 77mm
  • Material: polyamide
  • Construction: single layer, eyes on both sides with sewn protective cover made of polyester

My opinion

Personally, I prefer to have either rigid straps or "real" kinetic straps for rescue. 10% stretch may be comfortable when towing, but when the strap is used as a construction anchor, stretch is absolutely undesirable. Furthermore, the indication of up to 9t bothers me. Either the belt holds 9t or more or it doesn't, otherwise it has to hold 8t or 7t...
=> Towing off-road: yes, if you dare to keep a distance of only 2 m ;)
=> as a tree anchor strap, for securing, as a winch rope extension: no