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Blömeke, build it yourself

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Build it yourself - expand expedition vehicles, motorhomes and vans yourself

How do I get a motorhome that is affordable and tailored to my needs? Very simple: build it yourself! This book is aimed at anyone who wants to realize their dream of owning their own motorhome. It clearly provides the necessary information from planning to practical expansion. This includes, among other things, the choice of vehicle, cost calculation and expansion planning including furniture construction, as well as the installation of electricity and water supplies and the installation of gas systems and heating. The book shows you how to do it step by step in text and pictures as well as numerous checklists, tips and links to video tutorials.



ISBN: 978-3-613-50898-9
Title number: 50898
Cover: hardback
Number of pages: 320
Illustrations: 600 images
Format: 170mm x 240mm
Published: 10/2020
Language: German



Information about Michael Blömeke:

At the age of 18, Michael Blömeke built a roof tent for his open Toyota Land Cruiser. The following year he bought a caravan to build out himself. That means: He restored the rotten floor and rebuilt some of the furniture.
In the meantime, Michael had finished school and dropped out of his studies. The hobby became a profession and he opened a shop for travel equipment, the Adventurer Shop in Karlsruhe.

However, it didn't take long for Mitch to dream of a real motorhome. The short Land Cruiser was pretty good, but a long wheelbase with a suitcase - that was the dream. Unfortunately, the pickup was not available as a used vehicle in acceptable condition. Mitch quickly built his own dream car from a crumpled BJ 75 (bush taxi) and the body of a BJ 40. There was also a lifting roof cabin with space for two people.
As life goes: two people became three and when it finally became four, it was clearly too tight. The family's dreams grew and a new project was realized: It was supposed to be a five-seater expedition vehicle based on a SCAM with a partially integrated suitcase, but for various reasons the SCAM was swapped for a sprinter. With a total weight of 3.5 tons, it was light, and the lightweight expansion did not put any significant strain on the Mercedes, making it a practical motorhome for the family. Variable from two to seven seats, it was perfect for van life with teenagers only traveling sporadically.
There was a profound change professionally, the Adventurer Shop was closed. Michael began writing books about GPS navigation and began teaching online courses and seminars on the topic.
All of the motorhomes expressed his desire for freedom and the desire to explore the world. If you are happy with yourself, your dreams will come again -
So the topic of traveling around the world became big again. The prerequisites were there: the children fledged, the home office from which Michael had been managing his activities since 2008 became a mobile office - and once again the right mobile home was missing, a larger piece that offers space for living and toys has a long range and makes self-sufficient travel possible: it should be a touring truck.
The base was ordered and the expansion was documented in photos and videos. This is how an old fire truck was turned into an off-road mobile home that is easy to live and work in.