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Horntools bow shackle 3/4", 4.75 t WLL, 19 t BL

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horntools bow shackle

The shackle is made of steel, then galvanized and powder-coated.

We recommend the 3/4" shackle for vehicles with a permissible total weight of up to 4.75 t, depending on the workload.


  • Bow shackle 3/4" G209 E-galvanized
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • 4x security
  • Working load: 4.75 t
  • Breaking load: 19 t
  • Size: d1:16/d2:22/d3:48/b1:32/b2:51/h2:71mm
  • Material: cast steel GS-45
  • Horn tools item no. HR0007

My opinion

For weight reasons, we replaced all but two/three emergency steel shackles with soft shackles. We only use steel shackles if there are only sharp-edged recovery eyelets.
However, if the vehicle's recovery eyes are sufficiently strong, steel shackles can still be used at any time, except for kinetic recovery.

Steel shackle

We now only recommend the use of soft shackles, provided that suitable recovery eyelets are available and the breaking loads match the vehicle weight. In addition to saving weight, there is no rattling, no scratches and a reduction in the risk of injury if recovery eyes or other recovery material are overloaded!

Important when using steel shackles:
The locking bolt of the shackle must never be screwed in as far as it will go. A shackle can easily become distorted under extreme loads. A fully screwed-in bolt can then no longer be opened or can only be opened with the help of a tool. Therefore, first screw the bolt all the way in and then open it again half a turn.

Stainless steel shackles look nice, but we do not recommend them and therefore do not sell them. Stainless steel shackles break when overloaded, steel shackles just bend.