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Bushranger tree strap 3 m, 11 t BL

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Bushranger Tree Trunk Protector 3m - RST11

The Bushranger tree anchor strap is made from high quality polyester. The two ends are folded, reinforced and protected with an additional cover. A sliding cuff serves as additional protection and should rest against the tree trunk. A wrap-it strap is also sewn on to make the strap easier to stow away.


  • Length: 3m
  • Width: 10cm
  • Unfortunately, there is no information from the manufacturer about the workload
  • Min. breaking load: 11 t
  • Weight: 1.41kg

My opinion

New to the range, no experience yet. But it makes a great first impression and Bushranger hasn't disappointed me with any item yet.

Tree strap

A tree strap, also known as a tree trunk protector, is commonly used to attach a winch rope to a tree.
To do this, the strap is placed around the tree and the winch hook is hooked into the two loops of the strap. When using a deflection pulley, it is attached to the loops of the tree strap with a soft or steel shackle (depending on the design of the deflection pulley) and the winch rope is directed to the actual anchor point via the deflection pulley.
Of course, a tree strap can also be used as a recovery strap.

Under no circumstances should a winch rope be placed directly around the tree. A steel cable would damage the tree and the winch hook can kink and damage the cable. The tree bark can also be damaged with plastic ropes, and the fibers of the rope can also be easily damaged.

In addition, tree straps can also be used to distribute the load between two recovery eyes (draw triangle). However, if possible, use a strap that is at least 2.5 m long, as lateral tension reduces the breaking load of the recovery eyelets.

The length of 5 meters is also suitable for towing in the StVO area, then all you have to do is raise a red flag or something similar. in the center. We tie a safety vest on it. :)