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Bushranger Diggar shovel 3 pieces

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Bushranger Diggar - 3-piece off-road shovel

Stable, high-quality shovel, easy conversion from short shovel with D-handle to long spade.

Before purchasing, please note the comment under My Opinion!


  • Blade 2 mm heat-treated steel
  • 36mm multi-core fiberglass stem
  • Rubber grip
  • Packed dimensions: 76cm length x 19cm width
  • Shovel with long handle 147.5 cm
  • D-handle spade 96 cm
  • Width blade 19 cm
  • Weight 3.3kg

My opinion

Very good quality, always with us for several years.
The short version can also be used very well as a snow shovel and under the vehicle. In the long version, we have already levered away boulders with it. If you want to cover as many different areas of application as possible, the Diggar is and remains my preferred shovel/spade.


The storage bag is included for free, because unfortunately the quality of the bag leaves a lot to be desired in contrast to the shovel.
The shovel was taken out of the range at other dealers because there were complaints about rust on the shovel blade. For the Australians, however, this is not a reason for a complaint with tools. That's why I point out these possible defects and continue to offer my favorite shovel.