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Bushranger Plugga III tire repair kit

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High-quality complete tire repair set from Bushranger

Very solid tool with metal handles, everything well packaged for on the go in a practical plastic case, repair instructions inside. Kit for repairing holes in the tread of tubeless tires.


  • Reamer for expanding
  • Insertion tool with cord stopper
  • Replacement retractor awl
  • Allen key
  • Can of lubricant
  • Needle-nose pliers (150 mm)
  • Knife
  • Universal valve tool (valve extractor, thread retreader for external and internal threads of the valve)
  • 4 replacement valve inserts
  • Tire pressure gauge in ballpoint pen format
  • 20 repair cords
  • Dimensions 310 x 210 x 60 mm
  • Weight 1.5kg

My opinion

My favorite tire repair kit to date! Great quality, everything you need in it and ~10 € cheaper than the set from ARB, but of the same quality, only ARB has 30 cords in it.

Why so far? TireJect now offers the Automotive Emergency Tire Repair Kit, which we are currently testing and has a good chance of outdoing the set from Bushranger and ARB.

Result of the comparison test:
For intensive off-road trips with 4x4 cars, I stick with my recommendation Bushranger + Colby Valves. For longer overlanding/off-road tours, in addition to the Colbys, I would also pack a TireJect kit according to the tire size.
If you don't have anything to repair tires yet and only travel off-road from time to time and for on-road cars, the TireJect set is perfect.