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Colby Valve XL Emergency Valve System 1 pack

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Colby Valve XL Emergency Valve System 1 pack

Truck tire valve for tubeless tires, which can be inserted into the rim from the outside in an emergency (torn, porous, leaky rubber valve), is attached using a size 13 socket or wrench and seals from the inside when screwed tight thanks to the conical shape and rubber ring. This saves you having to change to the spare wheel and you'll be ready to drive again after just a few minutes (compressor required!).


  • 1 pack
  • Material: plastic, brass
  • 20x more stable than conventional valves
  • Extra long and slightly thicker
  • For truck rims with valve hole opening 15.875 mm = .625"
  • Color: black/brass
  • Weight: 0.1kg
  • Size 13 key or socket required for installation

My opinion

Great idea! Valve damage doesn't happen as often off-road as tire damage, but when it does happen, I don't want to be without the Colbys!

Fits most truck rims and some Land Rover series.

You can see how it works in a video from Colby Valve here or in a video from 4x4passion , in which I show the installation of a Colby Valve Ultimate. Works with the Emergency XL like the Ultimate, only with a size 13 socket or key.