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Tire repair kit from Pistenkuh

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Expedition Pro - tire repair kit

Professional set for repairing larger tire damage under expedition conditions with tire patches or combination repair bodies from Pistenkuh

This tire repair set is specially put together for 4×4 expedition trips. It includes everything needed for repairs away from civilization.
For the repair it is necessary to remove the tire from the rim.
The set is ideal and a MUST for expedition teams who use snap ring rims or bolted rims.

If you drive a 22.5-inch rim on your truck, i.e. a rim that is not available in splits, you will find it a little more difficult to remove the tire, but that is also possible, but you should have a professional show you how to do it.
The set is not suitable for motorcycles or low-profile tires on SUVs, but is suitable for off-road tires on off-road vehicles such as those installed on Defender, Land Cruiser, Mercedes G.

Tire trade in Mauritania

Tire repair in Mauritania (capital Nouakchott)

If you don't dare repair your tire away from civilization, you should still have the set with you. In Mauritania, it was not possible to obtain professional repair materials either in the provincial capital Atar or in Kiffa. There, patches are cut from old hoses and glued in place with all-purpose adhesive such as Pattex.
With the set you have the opportunity to first mount the spare wheel in the desert and then have the defective tire removed from the rim by a tire service in the city. You could then use the enclosed instructions to repair it yourself or provide the mechanic with vulcanizing fluid and quality patches.


  • 24 page instructions
    The instructions describe the dismantling and mounting of a tire on a snap ring rim, the professional repair of a puncture in the tread using a combination repair body under expedition conditions, as well as the repair of cracks in the tread, shoulder and sidewall of a tire.
  • 1x tire chalk
    Before you start repairing, you should mark the damaged area. After deflating, you can often no longer find the crack or puncture. Later, marking the roughened area the size of the plaster will make the work easier.
  • 1x valve screwdriver
    For easy screwing in and out of the valve inserts.
  • 1x flap sander 60x40 K120
    This is needed to roughen the inside of the tire to the size of the future patch. There is one for using the flap sander drilling machine Requirement. This is not in set contain .
  • 3x drills (1x 4.5mm, 1x 6.0mm, 1x 8.0mm)
    You actually use a milling cutter to prepare the branch channel for the installation of a combination repair mushroom. An inexpensive drill will also work in a pinch.
  • 12x mini combi repair bodies (4x 4.5mm, 4x 6.0mm, 4x 8.0mm)
    These “mushrooms” are ideal for repairing punctures in the tire tread.
  • Aramid plaster 205 x 90 mm
    This aramid reinforced plaster measuring 205 x 90 mm is suitable and approved for repairing cracks and punctures in the sidewall and shoulder area of ​​a tire. Hardly available in third world countries.
    1x aramid plaster 531, 1x aramid plaster 533
  • 1x tire patch 140
    This patch measuring 195 x 100 mm can be used to repair cracks and punctures in the tread and, if necessary, in the sidewall and shoulder area of ​​a tire.
  • 2x tire patch 120
    This patch measuring 125 x 80 mm can be used to repair cracks and punctures in the tread and, if necessary, in the sidewall and shoulder area of ​​a tire.
  • 2x tire patch 115
    This patch measuring 90 x 75 mm can be used to repair cracks and punctures in the tread and, if necessary, in the sidewall and shoulder area of ​​a tire.
  • 4x tire patch 110
    This patch measuring 55 x 75 mm can be used to repair cracks and punctures in the tread and, if necessary, in the sidewall and shoulder area of ​​a tire.
  • 3x Special Cement tubes of 12 g each (enough for 3 repairs with mini combi repair body)
  • 3x Special Cement tubes of 30 g each (enough for 3 repairs with tire patch)
    The Special Cement from Rema Tip Top is very suitable for self-vulcanization from a temperature of +15°C (officially from +18°C). However, opened containers become hard after a few months. Therefore, tubes are more suitable for expeditions.
  • 1x roller
    This is needed for the tire patch and also for the mini combo repair mushroom. This allows the necessary contact pressure to be generated evenly on all parts of the pavement. If necessary, a hammer can also be used, but there is a risk that the layperson could damage the plaster.
  • 1x tire mounting paste 0.5 kg
    The paste we use in the set has a creamy consistency and is easy to apply with a brush. We use a Rema-Tip-Top product that was specifically developed for mounting truck tires. The paste is not for motorcycle tire assembly suitable.
  • 5x brushes
    in two different sizes. The large brush makes it easy to apply the tire mounting paste, while the three smaller brushes are suitable for distributing the vulcanizing fluid. I assume that under expedition conditions the brushes are not cleaned and reused. Therefore, they are of basic quality.
  • 5x metal valve caps with sealing ring - long version.
    These caps are not needed for tire repairs, but they are a useful tool on expeditions during which the tire pressure needs to be adjusted more often. Since the long version is difficult to obtain, Burkhard included 5 caps in the set.

  • Sturdy box with lid and compartments

  • Size: 400mm L x 300mm W x 120mm H

  • Weight: 3.4kg

My opinion

With a lot of experience, Burkhard (Pistenkuh) has put together what I consider to be the optimal set for emergency tire repairs on expedition trips and long overlanding trips! The instructions are also great, everything is included and understandable.