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Factor55 - UltraHook XTV - rot

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The functionality of a hook with the benefits of Closed System Winching®. Originally developed to meet the needs of off-road racers who wanted the speed of a hook and functionality of closed system winching, the low-profile UltraHook XTV features an industry-first closed system shackle mount hole machined into the body of the hook, and installs in minutes. A latch pin, which is stored in the hook’s body, can lock the safety latch securely into place for a true Closed Loop System™. Integrated finger grips promote proper “Hook Up” orientation. UltraHook XTV is the first powersports winch hook that can be stored neatly against your UTV/ATV winch’s fairlead protecting it from a metal to metal connection, thanks to EPDM rubber pads, which also eliminate the UltraHook XTV from rattling. With eight colors to choose from, you can also match your UltraHook to your ATV or UTV.

This product is compatible with Closed System Winching®, a technique that uses rigging comprised entirely of closed-link hardware. With Closed System Winching you get the extra security and confidence needed to tackle the most demanding winch recoveries. 



  • Shackle pin mounting hole accepts screw pins from common 5/8″ shackles (3/4″ diameter pins)
  • For rope and cable diameters up to 5/16″
  • Available in Military Specification Hard Anodizing (MIL-A-8625 F Type III) Gray
  • 7/16″ diameter 6AI-4V grade V titanium double shear pin
  • Max Rated Load: 10,000 pounds
  • Breaking Strength: 21,000 pounds
  • Weight: 21oz
  • Overall Dimensions: 5.75″ x 3.4″
  • Made in USA U.S. Utility Patent No. 9,388,025 Foreign Patents Pending
  • *NOTE- This product is intended for use with winch capacities of 6000 lbs and less.
    Nur mit Winden nutzen, die max. 2,7 t oder weniger Zugkraft haben!

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