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Hack, Jeep - The original knows no limits

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Jeep - The original knows no limits

Freedom, adventure, authenticity and passion – this is what the Jeep brand has stood for for around 80 years. The light US military vehicle from Willys Overland Motors, which drove US GIs and officers around the world during the Second World War, was transformed into a civilian variant after the war that was constantly further developed. Today, the US Jeep as a vehicle legend symbolizes an entire vehicle category - the off-road vehicle. One more reason to tell the history of Jeep vehicles and to collect all models from their beginnings to today in one volume. An absolute highlight – not just for off-road fans!



ISBN: 978-3-613-04366-4
Title number: 04366
Cover: hardback
Number of pages: 256
Illustrations: 200 images
Format: 230mm x 265mm
Published: 06/2021
Language: German



Information about Joachim Hack:

Joachim Hack understood early on how to combine his passion for books and cars. His special love has always been for those brands that have left a special mark on automotive history through their unique history and tradition.