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Hi-Lift HL605 152 cm

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Hi-Lift HL605 - The original

Even though I like to save money and also point out to you if there is something of the same quality cheaper from other manufacturers:
I would never save money on the Hi-Lift and buy one of the cheap replicas. If you just want to attach it to the vehicle as a show object, ok
But if you actually need it in an emergency, then only the original! Unfortunately, we already have a lot of defective FarmJacks etc. have to experience.
Single shipping via DHL with bulky goods surcharge in Germany €19.90 = €229.80 total


  • Weight: 14.2kg
  • Width: 12.70 cm
  • Height: 156.85 cm
  • Depth: 24.46 cm
  • Load capacity: 3175 kg
  • Lift height: 126.37 cm

My opinion

Very good quality! The original... Attention: Many vehicles do not have suitable mounting points as standard, clarify before purchase!

We have adapters for rims, steel bumpers and Defender mounts under Hi-Lift accessories.

Due to our limited payload, the HI-Lifts are too heavy and too big for me.

Beginners/laypeople should definitely watch a video about the use before using it for the first time:

Peter from Pete's Offroad Garage explains how to do it in a 4x4passion video.