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Horntools rescue rope 5m, 12 t WLL

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Horntools rescue rope 5m with high working load (WLL) of 12 t

For use as a construction anchor, winch rope extension, load distribution rope, recovery and tow rope.

Thanks to the yellow signal color of the protective tubes, it is still clearly visible even in the dark.


  • Length: 5m
  • Rope diameter: 14mm
  • Color: gray, with yellow protective tubes in the eyes and on approx. 3 m length of the rope
  • Working load: 12 t
  • Material: UHMWPE ( Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
  • Weight: 1.5kg

My opinion

New to the range, first impression good and first use survived well. What surprised me was the high workload. As with the new soft shackles from Horntools, we will have a tear test carried out at the next opportunity to determine the actual breaking load.
Very versatile if you attach a red flag (we use a high-visibility vest ;)) in the middle, you can also use it as a tow rope in traffic regulations (with two shackles for attachment).
Compared to Dyneema ropes, they are cheaper, but experience has shown that this type of UHMWPE wears out much more quickly.


Tree strap

A tree strap - also known as a tree anchor strap - is commonly used to attach a winch rope to a tree. To do this, the strap is placed around the tree and the two loops are hooked into the winch rope. Of course, the tree anchor strap can also be used as a recovery strap for towing or pulling free. The name tree anchor strap, or tree trunk protector, simply comes from the length of the strap and its usual purpose. Under no circumstances should you place the rope of a winch directly around the tree and hook it into itself with the hook. A steel cable would cut into the tree and on the hook the cable would be bent and damaged. With plastic rope, the fibers could be damaged by rubbing against the bark. Responsible off-roaders therefore use a tree anchor strap for safe rescue. Tree straps can also be used to distribute the load across two recovery eyes (draw triangle). However, if possible, use a strap that is at least 3 m long or longer, as lateral tension reduces the breaking load of the recovery eyelets. We also use a 5 m belt for towing in traffic regulations. However, there is a red flag or something similar in the middle. necessary, we tie a safety vest on it. ;)