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ARB recovery strap/winch rope extension 20 m, 8 t BL

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ARB725 20m 8t BL

Rigid strap for vehicle recovery or for extending a winch rope.

Technical data

Breaking load (BL): 8 t

Width: 80mm

Length 20 m

Color Purple

Weight: 8kg

My opinion

Due to the breaking load of 8 t (no information on the working load from ARB), I would only use it as a recovery strap with a second vehicle up to a vehicle weight of 2.5 t.
For vehicles weighing > 2.5 t only as a winch rope extension for winches with a tensile load of ~ 4 t.

Like almost all ARB products, too expensive in my opinion.


Rigid recovery straps/recovery ropes

A recovery strap or recovery rope can be used to extend a winch extension strap that is too short or to recover a vehicle that is stuck off-road. If it is foreseeable that the vehicle may get stuck when driving through water or mud, it makes sense to attach a recovery strap to the recovery eye of the vehicle beforehand so that if the worst happens, you do not have to attach a rope or strap in or under water. Ideally, the rope/belt can then be thrown to the rescue partner without leaving the vehicle. When using a rigid recovery belt/rope, it is essential to avoid jerky loads in order to avoid damage to the vehicles or the belt. Particularly on normal road vehicles, the towing eyes are not designed for jerky loads and can tear out or deform the frame.
If a vehicle cannot be towed free with a normal recovery belt, a kinetic belt or a kinetic rope can be used be used for recovery. Attention: Do not attach kinetic ropes or straps to standard towing eyes!

To attach the rescue straps and ropes with eyes, additional shackles or soft shackles are required to attach them to the vehicle.