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Liros off-road soft shackle, 35 t BL

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Soft shackle made of Dyneema for attaching recovery material to the vehicle, deflection pulleys on belts/ropes or for connecting two recovery belts/ropes.

  • Light as a feather and handy, thanks to Dyneema®
  • Very high working load (WLL) with 21,000 kg
  • Very high breaking load of 35,000 kg
  • Shackle cannot open unintentionally under load
  • Minimized risk of injury
  • High quality product
  • No scratches in the vehicle's paint and quiet handling
  • Made in Germany
  • Recommended for recovery with a second vehicle for vehicles up to 11.5 t.
  • Only suitable for winching for vehicles up to 17.5 t.
  • Only use for attaching a kinetic rope/belt with a breaking load of less than 35 t.
  • DATA

    Working load (WLL): 21 t
    Breaking load (BL): 35 t

    Material: Dyneema
    Color: Attention! Different from the picture, the current Dyneema gray protective hose
    Weight: 0.4kg


    Very high quality material and very good workmanship. The soft shackles from Liros are my personal favorites. My first Liros soft shackles are still in use after seven years, soft shackles from other manufacturers - including German manufacturers - only last one to two years.