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Liros off-road soft shackle, 7 t WLL, 12 t BL

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Liros off-road soft shackle 7t WLL, 12t BL - The test winner! :)

Soft shackle made of Dyneema for attaching recovery material to the vehicle, deflection pulleys on belts/ropes or for connecting two recovery belts/ropes.

  • Light as a feather and handy, thanks to Dyneema®
  • High working load (WLL) with 7,000 kg
  • High breaking load of 12,000 kg
  • Shackle cannot open unintentionally under load
  • Minimized risk of injury
  • High quality product
  • No scratches in the vehicle's paint and quiet handling
  • Made in Germany
  • Recommended for recovery with a second vehicle for vehicles up to 4 t.
  • Only suitable for winching for vehicles up to 6 t.
  • Only use for attaching a kinetic rope/belt with a breaking load of less than 12 t.


    Working load (WLL): 7 t
    Breaking load (BL): 12 t
    Inner diameter: 15cm
    Open length: 45 cm
    Diameter with protective tube: 25 mm
    Material: Dyneema
    Color: gray with black protective hose
    Weight: 0.3kg

    My opinion

    Very high quality material and very good workmanship. The soft shackles from Liros are my personal favorites. Our Liros soft shackles are all in use for several years. Soft shackles from other manufacturers - including German manufacturers - only last between months and 1.5 years.
    Liros regularly uses tear-off tests to check the quality and the actual breaking load, which is always well above the specified breaking load.

    Unfortunately - as is currently the case in almost all industries - a further increase in our purchase prices this year, which I unfortunately have to pass on this time.


    Soft shackle

    The "feather-light" and flexible soft shackles are 10x lighter than steel shackles with comparable working and breaking loads, do not rattle, do not scratch anything and are pleasant to use.
    For weight and safety reasons, we only use soft shackles. We only use steel shackles in exceptional cases when we help others who only have very sharp-edged recovery eyes.
    The risk of injury when winch cables break is significantly reduced; steel shackles can quickly become dangerous projectiles.
    The use of soft shackles in kinetic rescue is even more important than when winching. If steel shackles are used here, there is a danger to life as well as the risk of massive damage to the towing or towed vehicle.

    Even when soft shackles have been fully stressed, they are very easy to reopen. With abrasion-resistant protective tube (Liros) specially developed for off-road applications, our Liros soft shackles are very durable with extremely high, regularly checked holding power.

    After not only briefly testing the soft shackles from all well-known manufacturers from Germany, the US, AUS, ... and also many no-name products over the last few years, but also using them for months, I recommend them because of the great quality the raw material and the very good workmanship (production exclusively in Germany) and the very low wear, exclusively the soft shackles from Liros!

    Liros is Test winner the 4x4action 5-2021 - In comparison 12 soft shackles:


    Liros off-road soft shackle 7t WLL, 12t BL

    Seilflechter 6t WLL, 12t BL

    Nakatanenga 12t BL

    Ironman4x4 14t BL

    Trekfinder 12t BL

    Qwork 14t BL

    EFS4x4 10t BL

    Seilwinden direkt 12t BL

    Factor55 17.6t BL

    Bubba Rope Gator Jaw 23t BL

    NoName China 17.2t BL

    TJM4x4 Gator Jaw 21.3t BL


    Test criteria:

    • Price
    • Breaking load achieved in the test
    • Handling
    • length
    • Inner diameter

    If wear and tear had been included in the ranking, Liros would have won by a much larger margin. In comparison, all the soft shackles we have used so far (Seilflechter, Gator Jaw, Horntools, Ironman,...) have only lasted a fraction of their lifespan and some had to be disposed of after just under a year. Plush toy ^^