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Liros Offroad XTR – winch rope 27m x 9.4 mm, 9t BL

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Liros Offroad XTR winch rope

The winch rope made of 100% Vectran® special braid with a utility model protected textile end connection without metal parts. The very easy-to-use Liros soft shackle ensures a permanently secure connection.

  • flexible and light as a feather with extreme breaking loads
  • Firmly integrated, high-strength Liros soft shackle
  • Made from high-tech material Vectran®, extremely heat-resistant
  • quiet and easy handling
  • Minimized risk of injury through use of 100% textile fibers
  • No metal parts that scratch the paint

Use only with a suitable cable window/winch window . Roller cable windows are only suitable for steel cables.

Since more and more vehicles are having sensors installed in the front bumper, we also offer this rope as a version with a stainless steel thimble instead of a soft shackle, so that you can use a winch hook such as a winch hook. B. Factor55 Flat Link, Ultra Hook or similar. can use.

When ordering, please click on the desired variant “soft shackle” or “thimble” above.


Length: 27 m

Diameter: 9.4mm

Breaking load: 9 t

Material: Vectran

Flat terminal for fixing to the winch

Soft shackle or thimble instead of permanently installed winch hook

My opinion

Great quality and, like the off-road performance rope from Liros, I think it's a brilliant idea to integrate the soft shackle. Also great in practice, easy to use, high breaking strength. I use the Liros winch ropes made of Vectran and Dyneema alternately. I can't decide which one I like better.