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NSR ventilation grille Jeep Wrangler JKU

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Ventilation panels rear side window incl. fly screen Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK 07-18 / NSR 04-KS-JK-0136

Suitable: Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited 2007-2018

Assembly: Rear side window right / left or 2 pieces one above the other on one side. Simple plug-in system, the rear windows can still be lowered easily after installation.

Anyone who has ever spent the night in their own Jeep Wrangler knows this problem; you wake up in the morning and the windows are damp and fogged up and the air is stuffy. The solution would actually be simple by leaving the window open at night, but then either unpleasant insects or moisture from an unexpected rain shower would get into the Jeep.
With the NSR ventilation grilles, we offer a high-quality and simple solution!

These ventilation panels are ideal for dog owners or campers who spend the night in their Jeep and want to prevent the Jeep from overheating in summer. In colder temperatures, the panels reliably prevent the windows in the vehicle from fogging up.

  • Integrated fly screens to give insects and mosquitoes no chance.
  • Also serves as theft/burglary protection!
  • Highest possible air flow for warm nights! Keeps rain, insects and thieves out and fresh air in!
  • Made from lightweight aluminum and finished with a durable powder coating.

Please note: At high temperatures, children or animals do not belong in a parked car, even if there is sufficient fresh air!


  • 2 pieces
  • Length: 475mm
  • only for 4-door models
  • with mosquito net
  • Material: aluminum, black powder-coated

My opinion

This was the first accessory I bought for both my JKU aL and JLU. :) I don't want to be without it anymore and I always have the grilles in except for the winter.