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Maxtrax Indeflate 2 series

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Maxtrax Indeflate 2 series

- Deflates 2 tires simultaneously and quickly with patented pressure relief technology.
- Can fill 2 tires at the same time (with an existing air source such as compressor, CO2, power tank)
- Automatically equalizes the pressure of the two connected tires.
- Features a 100 PSI (7Bar) pressure gauge for convenient monitoring during inflation or deflation.
- In an emergency, a tire can be "inflated" via the spare wheel (pressure equalization).
- Precision-machined aluminum housing makes it extremely durable.


  • Display kPa-PSI
  • Range 0-7 BAR
  • Dimensions: 38cm x 38cm x 10cm
  • Weight: 1.82kg
  • Canvas storage bag

My opinion

We tested extensively in Poland, Corsica and Sardinia in 2023. Although it is not a quick deflector like the ARB, the duration of deflation is perfectly acceptable since two tires are deflated at the same time. Great handling, no need to kneel in front of the wheels for minutes (yes, yes, I'm getting older... ;D) and much easier to use than most "normal" air vents.
The huge advantage in my opinion is the ability to inflate two tires at the same time.

Also great: thanks to the pressure equalization between two connected wheels, you can at least partially fill a flat tire using a well-filled spare wheel in order to be able to continue driving.

The Maxtrax Indeflate is also available with 4 connections, but the air source must then have enough power to be able to fill four off-road tires at the same time. Depending on which tire size and pressure is required, most compressors that are used in this way do not take this into account. That's why we only have the 2 Indeflate in our range.