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Maxtrax Xtreme sandboards (1 pair) desert tan

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Maxtrax Xtreme sand boards - 2nd place - Test 4x4action - Issue 5-2020

Sand boards for self-recovery of the vehicle if there is no winch, no anchor point for the winch or no second vehicle. Can be used in sand, mud, snow. If you're traveling off-road with just one vehicle, high-quality sandboards are mandatory equipment in my opinion.


  • Material: Flexible, durable, UV stabilized reinforced nylon with 88 replaceable anodized aluminum teeth
  • Size: 115cm L x 33cm W x 8.5cm H, stacked a pair
  • Weight: 9kg a pair
  • Color: desert tan

My opinion

Hmm, what can I say? These are definitely very good sandboards and the fact that the pimples are made of aluminum and are replaceable is a great idea! When recovering with purely plastic sand boards, there is always the risk of the knobs melting if driving errors are made. That can't happen with the Xtreme, but personally I'm too stingy to pay such a price for a pair of sandboards.

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