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Exitrax (Mean Mother) sandboard holder spare wheel

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Exitrax (Mean Mother brand) Reovery Board Rear Wheel Holder

Sandboard holder for a pair of sandboards with a maximum width of 32.5 cm and a depth of 9.5 cm, e.g. B. TRED Pro or Maxtrax MKII

Advantages: Very quick access to the sand boards if necessary

The mounting plate, with its different recesses and many different hole positions, matches the bolt pattern of a variety of spare wheel carriers.

The mounting arm is adjustable so that the mount fits snugly against the spare tire for maximum stability and strength.


  • Height 74 cm x width 33.5 cm x depth 23 cm - approx. 11-12 cm from the spare wheel
  • Weight: 7.25kg
  • Easy to mount on the spare wheel holder
  • quick access to the sand boards


Installation is NOT possible if the third brake light or a rear view camera is installed in the center of the spare wheel. Spare wheel carriers that are not flat (apart from the threads for the wheel nuts), as in the G-Class, are also not suitable.

My opinion

I find a very nice and, above all, quick solution for sand boards if you travel a lot in areas or go on tours where the use of sand boards is very common.
Unfortunately this doesn't work for us because the rear view camera is located in the middle of the spare wheel.