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Pistenkuh, GPS tour book Pyrenees

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GPS off-road tour book Pyrenees

Book including data download

For this GPS off-road travel guide, Sabine and Burkhard spent 10 weeks on adventurous slopes in the Pyrenees in 2019. The result is a total of 33 off-road routes in a breathtaking mountain landscape. Each route was driven, recorded, described and documented photographically by the two of them themselves.

33 detailed off-road route descriptions await you in this 4×4 tour book. The two cross the Pyrenees from east to west on adventurous mountain roads, often with a magnificent panorama of the peaks. Sabine and Burkhard explore the border region around Andorra on old smugglers' paths. You drive through national parks with natural wilderness and species-rich flora. Interesting specials provide background information on lost places, old castles, strange railway lines and the special animal world. The tour book is supplemented with tips for off-road driving and navigation.

A level of difficulty (SG) is indicated for each route, which makes it easier to make your own assessment in conjunction with the vehicle classes (FZK). Sabine and Burkhard rated the routes in the form of stars, which incorporated our impression of driving fun, scenic beauty and experience value. These stars are of course very subjective. The travel guide is supplemented with general travel information about the areas in the Pyrenees and off-road driving tips.

Data download

With the data download you get:
- all GPS tracks and waypoints (GPX)

There are three subfolders in the “GPS data” folder. The route, track and waypoint list for each off-road route are stored in duplicate. On the one hand as a kml file for display on Google Earth and as a gpx file, the exchange format for all navigation programs and GPS devices.


Vehicle classes

Vehicle classes (FZK) 1-4

There are always questions about our classification of vehicle classes. This is how we divide:
FZK-1 off-road vehicle (Defender, Cruiser, G, etc.) almost in original condition.
FZK-2 pickup with cab, 4x4Sprinter, Bremach, Daily4x4 etc.
KZK-3 trucks up to 12 tons, Unimog, 12M18, 1017, TGL etc.
FZK-4 heavy trucks, Zetros 6×6, MAN KAT etc.

The transitions are fluid. A light, compact Unimog can also travel on FZK-2 routes that may not be possible for a pickup with an extremely heavy, high cabin and poor embankment and ramp angles and this pickup belongs more to category 3.

There are 33 routes in the Pyrenees 4×4 off-road tour book.
These are all passable with FZK 1, 30 routes with FZK 2.
10 routes are passable with FZK 3 and no route with FZK 4.



Book including data download for a total of 33 off-road routes in the Pyrenees

Sabine and Burkhard Koch
260 pages, 1st edition 2020
Language: German



Sabine and Burkhard, both born in 1965, have been traveling together since they were 16. On one of her first trips, the desire to be independent of time and to live mobile arose. They have been modern nomads since 2004: They traveled with their snow groomer around Africa and the Middle East for a few years, drove overland to India and lived in a Land Cruiser in Australia for two years. They have covered around 600,000 km in more than 80 countries in various four-wheel drive vehicles. They document their travel experiences in films, lectures and books.