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Quick Fist XL 70-381 mm pack of 2

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Quick Fist XL tool holder
The tool holders are ideal for items with a diameter of 70 - 381 mm.
Each bracket has a reliable load capacity of 68 kg and breaking strength
is 176 kg. Two holders can hold 136 kg, with a breaking load of 272 kg.

The tool holders are easy to assemble and the mounting surface of the holder is 51 x 51 mm.
The plastic was tested in accordance with AfPS GS 2015:01 PAH and is suitable for long-term skin contact.



  1. Use a #10 bolt or screw to attach, or attach with sheet metal screws and washers through the holes in the four corners of the bracket . Don't overtighten.
  2. The Quick Fist tool holder can be mounted in any direction.
  3. To clamp, simply clamp the tool between the clamping jaws.
    Then press the strap with both thumbs and tighten it accordingly.


New Quick Fist tool holders can be a little stiff. Pull the open clamping jaws once or twice and fix and loosen several times before assembly.