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Rhino Rack Spade 1065 mm

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The Rhino-Rack Spade is a compact tool with a length of 1065mm that allows for quick storage and is perfect for digging under stuck vehicles. Constructed from heavy-duty, heat-treated carbon steel, galvanized and powder coated, resulting in optimal strength and rust protection.

Detailed with a non-slip handle, provides greater strength and control for all weather conditions. The Rhino Rack Spade is designed for comfort, ease of use and convenience.

  • 1065 mm length for better maneuverability under vehicles
  • Compact size - also helps with storage
  • Blade made from heavy-duty, heat-treated carbon steel
  • Galvanized and powder coated for maximum strength and rust protection
  • Non-slip rubber handle for comfort


Since shovels and tools are products that are designed for tough use, they are not necessarily handled with kid gloves during production. Any other approach would only inadequately prepare them for their future tasks. It follows that these products may have manufacturing-related scratches, but these do not affect their function or durability in any way.

My opinion

I added this shovel to my range due to the Tru Pro shovel being unavailable for months after our tests with it were successful. I wouldn't use it to pry boulders, but it copes well with normal soil. I actually think it's better than the Tru Pro because it doesn't have such a strong blade/style angle and is therefore easier to attach to the outside and it's cheaper.

My personal favorite remains the "Diggar", it is easier to transport in the vehicle because it can be dismantled and has a transport bag, but I can recommend this shovel to anyone who wants to attach their shovel to the outside of the vehicle or who does not need to switch between a short shovel and a long spade.