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Scheler, Off The Road

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Off The Roud - Everything you need on the go
The equipment guide for off-roaders

Off-road adventures can quickly become dangerous if preparation and equipment are not right. But how can you prepare and what should you take with you? What will e.g. B. needed to keep the vehicle roadworthy? What to eat, sleep or just feel good? Michael Scheler offers everyone who likes to go off-road a comprehensive equipment guide including numerous tips and checklists. He lists everything that off-road travelers should have with them on the go, from the perfect equipment to the ideal vehicle accessories.



ISBN: 978-3-613-50903-0
Title number: 50903
Binding: paperback
Number of pages: 256

Illustrations: 350 images
Format: 170mm x 240mm
Published: 05/2020
Language: German



Information about Michael Scheler:

Michael Scheler Michael Scheler works as a freelance photojournalist. He worked for several years as the editor in charge of a well-known off-road vehicle magazine. His passion is still all-wheel drive vehicles.