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Scheler, environmentally conscious travel

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TRAVEL ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUSLY - with motorhomes, caravans and off-road vehicles

Environmentally conscious travel is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. Because traveling and environmental protection do not have to be mutually exclusive - this also applies to vacationing with your own set of wheels! If you want to travel carefree and without a guilty conscience, you will find suitable tips and suggestions in this guide to make traveling with a motorhome, caravan and off-road vehicle more sustainable. Michael Scheler addresses central topics such as waste avoidance, correct vehicle loading, anticipatory and fuel-saving driving, environmentally friendly toilets, saving electricity and water, as well as shopping and eating on the go.



ISBN: 978-3-613-50915-3
Title number: 50915
Binding: paperback
Number of pages: 160
Illustrations: 140 images
Format: 170mm x 240mm
Published: 03/2021
Language: German



Information about Michael Scheler:

Michael Scheler Michael Scheler works as a freelance photojournalist. He worked for several years as the editor in charge of a well-known off-road vehicle magazine. His passion is still all-wheel drive vehicles.