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Shorty 0.9 m - special belt, Nakatanenga

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With a length of 90cm, the special belt is really a SHORTY. The padding and loops at both ends make it versatile. Compared to normal recovery harnesses, the Shorty can also be used on edges because of the padding. Two recovery points can also be conveniently connected together without using a long strap as an intermediate piece. Or you can use the belt as a flange point on frame parts.


Breaking load: 10,000 kg
Pulling force: 3,000 kg
Stretch: 10%
Width: 50mm
Length: 90cm
Material: polyamide


Do not use it to distribute the load between two recovery eyelets, as lateral pull significantly reduces the breaking load of the recovery eyelets.

Do not use as a lifting strap!

My opinion

Well suited if there are no sufficiently stable anchor points on the vehicle. Walk the shortys around the frame or well-attached and stable trusses and attach additional recovery material to them. Unfortunately, as with the recovery straps from Nakatanenga, there is 10% stretch. Not so bad due to the shortness of the strap, but I prefer to have either really rigid straps or real kinetic straps.