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Backup set LR Defender TD4

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Fuse set with all flat blade fuses and low profile block fuses installed in the Land Rover Defender TD4.

12 blade fuses, 4 low profile block fuses


Blade fuses:

  • 5 A brown 2x
  • 10 A red 4x
  • 15 A blue 2x
  • 20 A yellow 2x
  • 30 A green 2x

Block fuses low:

  • 30 A pink 1x
  • 40 A green 1x
  • 60 A yellow 2x

      My opinion

      After I found out from Peter (Pete's Offroad Garage) at a Red Rock Adventures workshop a few years ago that he had only been able to get a suitable block fuse for his '90 TD5 from the dealer with great difficulty and at outrageous prices, I took a look straight away Which fuses are in the TD4, TD5 and also in the Jeep JK/JL?

      The normal flat plug fuses are still available everywhere, but the mini and micro flat plug fuses, especially the block fuses, Block Low, Block Micro, are usually only available from very well-stocked specialist retailers and even online, a block fuse usually costs between €6 and up 8€.

      That's why we offer complete sets with the appropriate block fuses for LR Defender TD4, LR Defender TD5, Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU and Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU.