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LR Defender TD5 fuse set

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Fuse set with all flat plug fuses and block screw fuses installed in the Land Rover Defender TD5.

7 flat plug fuses, 4 block screw fuses


Blade fuses:

  • 15 A blue 2x
  • 20 A yellow 3x
  • 30 A green 2x

Block screw locks:

  • 30 A pink 1x
  • 60 A yellow 2x
  • 100 A blue 1x

      My opinion

      After I found out from Peter (Pete's Offroad Garage) at a Red Rock Adventures workshop a few years ago that he had only been able to get a suitable block fuse for his '90 TD5 from the dealer with great difficulty and at outrageous prices, I took a look straight away which fuses are all in the TD4, TD5 and Jeep JK/JL.

      The normal blade fuses are available everywhere, but the mini and micro blade fuses, and especially the various block fuses, are usually only available from well-stocked specialist retailers and even online, a block fuse usually costs between €6 and €8.

      That's why we offer complete sets with the appropriate blade and block fuses for LR Defender TD4, LR Defender TD5, Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU and Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU.