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TireJect Automotive Emergency Tire Repair Kit feat. Colby Valve

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TireJect tire repair kit automotive

The TireJect Emergency Tire Repair Kit with Colby Valve contains everything needed to repair a flat tire or broken valve. With this kit, flat tires can be repaired after punctures caused by nails, screws, sharp stones in the tread with the repair cords or, in the event of a gradual flat tire, smaller holes with the sealant or with torn, leaky valves or defective inner valves with the emergency valve. The Colby Valve is an emergency valve that can be installed from the outside in just a few minutes without any tools.

This automotive variant is also compatible with TPMS sensors and is for all off-roaders who travel on asphalt at cruising speeds.

The Off-Road variant of the TireJects tire repair set is only for vehicles that travel exclusively off-road at off-road speeds and do not have TPMS sensors. Prototypes, agricultural machinery, agricultural trailers, etc.


  • 10 Oz (= 296 ml) TireJect off-road tire sealant - seals from the inside in the event of slow flat tires or holes smaller than 6 mm.
  • Dosing cap with hose for easy filling of tire sealant
  • 1x Colby Valve emergency valve for tool-free installation from the outside
  • Metal tire plug kit (6 repair cords, glue, 3 spare split-eye needles, Allen key and cutting tool) for sealing holes in the tire tread.
  • Internal valve removal tool
  • Red valve cap to identify tire with tire sealant installed
  • Robust box (26.7 x 21.1 x 7.9 cm)
  • Instruction cards (English) and stickers

My opinion

I've been very convinced of the Colby valves for a long time, and we've often used the repair cords for holes in the tread. The sealant was new to me and I was very skeptical at first. However, after I was able to seal a slow puncture with it (around 1 bar pressure loss in 24 hours) and the tire is still tight even after several 1000 km, including many off-road kilometers and many times reducing and refilling the air pressure, I also like the TireJect Automotive Sealant thrilled!

Absolute purchase recommendation for everyone who doesn't have anything to do with tire repairs and only goes off-road every now and then or has shorter off-road trips planned.

However, for longer off-road trips or overlanding tours with an expedition nature, I would recommend a Buschranger Plugga Set + TireJect Sealant Kit (4, 6 or 8 OZ depending on tire size) + a set of 2 Colby Valve Ultimate or Permanent.