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TRED 115mm Threaded Mounting Pins

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TRED Threaded Mounting Pins 115 mm - 1 pair

For the simple and secure attachment of sand boards.

Suitable for up to 4 TRED GT, TRED HD, TRED Pro or 2 TRED 800, TRED 1100, also 4 Maxtrax MK II fit.

Suitable for TRED Universal Mounting Plate or for replacing the quick-release fasteners on an existing TRED mounting bracket. Of course, you can also attach the pins directly to roof racks etc. using appropriate washers/fastening material. attach.


2x TRED 115mm Threaded Mounting Pins

2x TRED Securing Nuts

2x Stainless Steel M6 Button Socket Head Cap Bolts

2x Stainless Steel M6 Washers (12mm)

2x Stainless Steel M6 Washers (17 mm)

2x rubber spacers

My opinion

Until now we had the plastic quick-release fasteners. The advantage is that you have the boards at hand very quickly. The disadvantage is that you then have to secure it against theft in some other way.

With this variant, the sand boards can be secured with a padlock through the hole in the pin and the recesses in the nut.