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Bird, plant-based emergency food

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Plant-based emergency food - survival knowledge for extreme situations

Evening primrose, cattail, nettle seeds, large burdock, roasted dandelion roots: there are several thousand edible wild plants in Central Europe alone. Past generations have fed on nutritious plant parts for thousands of years, thereby ensuring their survival. Many plants are also known as medicinal plants that have long been used to treat illnesses. This guide provides the botanical layman with a system that enables him, in an emergency, to safely eat plants in different climatic zones without an identification book.



ISBN: 978-3-613-50763-0
Title number: 50763
Binding: paperback
Number of pages: 240
Illustrations: 200 color images & 25 drawings
Format: 140mm x 205mm
Published: 01/2019
Language: German



Information about Johannes Vogel:

Johannes “Joe” Vogel is a trained biologist and is one of the most renowned survival experts in Germany. He was able to put his survival knowledge to the test on numerous expeditions through Africa, Central and Southern Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Even as a teenager, he was concerned with all aspects of survival in the great outdoors and spent a lot of time near bodies of water and in forests. He has been successfully organizing survival courses and lectures all over Europe for years.