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Bird, animal emergency food

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Animal emergency food - survival knowledge for extreme situations

Survival outside in emergency situations depends not least on whether you can obtain and prepare compatible food. No matter whether they are insects, maggots, crabs, rats, snails or turtles, as different as these animals are, what they have in common is that they are nutritious and easy to catch. Almost all animals are edible, some are even delicacies. Proper preparation is crucial. Joe Vogel is one of the most renowned survival experts in Germany and has been successfully organizing survival seminars for years.



ISBN: 978-3-613-50815-6
Title number: 50815
Binding: paperback
Number of pages: 192
Illustrations: 340 color images
Format: 140mm x 205mm
Published: 09/2017
Language: German



Information about Johannes Vogel:

Johannes “Joe” Vogel is a trained biologist and is one of the most renowned survival experts in Germany. He was able to put his survival knowledge to the test on numerous expeditions through Africa, Central and Southern Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. Even as a teenager, he was concerned with all aspects of survival in the great outdoors and spent a lot of time near bodies of water and in forests. He has been successfully organizing survival courses and lectures all over Europe for years.