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Horntools winch cable window aluminum black

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Aluminum cable window in black

The high-quality rope window, without logo, in black is made of 100% aluminum. It is particularly suitable for recovery winches with plastic ropes made from e.g. B. Dyneema. The window was milled from a solid block of aluminum and then anodized black. All edges have been approved by TÜV and it is suitable for all common cable winches.


  • Material: aluminum
  • Total length: 320mm
  • Total depth: 19.5mm
  • Total width: 85mm
  • Hole spacing: 254mm
  • Internal dimensions of window: 197 mm

My opinion

Currently the only winch cable window for plastic cables in our range, as in my opinion it is the price/performance winner. There was once a batch where the black faded very quickly, but the problem appears to have been resolved.
We are currently testing Warn, Factor55 and Nakatanenga. Let's see who else makes it into the range.