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Liros off-road winch rope 30m x 10mm, 8.5t BL

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Liros off-road winch rope made of Dyneema

High-strength ropes for winch use developed by LIROS.
10 times lighter than comparable steel cables, very good performance and safety.

  • Carabiner hook
  • 2 adjustable protective tubes for friction points
  • Flat terminal for fixing to the drum
  • 3m heat resistant protective braid
  • Material: Dyneema ®, color silver
  • Working stretch < 1%
  • High UV stability and abrasion resistance

Use only with a suitable cable window/winch window . Roller cable windows are only suitable for steel cables.


    Length: 30 m

    Diameter: 10mm

    Breaking load: 8.5 t

    Material: Dyneema

    Flat terminal for fixing to the winch

    Fixed winch hook

    My opinion

    Great quality! I use the Liros winch ropes made of Vectran and Dyneema alternately. I can't decide which one I like better.

    Attention, with a diameter of 10mm and a length of 30m, this rope does not easily fit on every winch drum. For this reason, as soon as Liros is able to deliver again, we will also offer the rope in 28 lengths.

    A variant with an eye instead of a permanently installed hook has also been commissioned. With this variant it is also possible to use Factor 55 Flat Link, Pro Link and Ultra Hook. Unfortunately it has also been delayed for weeks.